A Political Statement – Where I Stand Right Now

Posted on November 3, 2011


General Political Statement

At this point in time I would describe myself as a reform socialist – I believe that the blatant excess and the un-sustainable nature of the current Free Market Capitalist System is headed for disaster and is IMMORAL.  Greedy people need to be brought to Justice.

The Goal (or Some Ideals)

I believe that a “No Growth /Steady State Economy” and a more “Egalitarian” Society is achievable after wholesale modifications to materialist mindsets and the introduction (and policing) of smart regulation.  This can be achieved within the general context of the current system.  Amongst other things this would require the almost complete abolition of marketing and patents.

I believe a move towards small worker owned co-operative type business is the way of the future with profits / productivity gains given back to staff (owners) in the form of more free time rather than reinvested to output a higher volume of crap. State owned enterprise is required for large scale endeavours that are monopolistic by nature such as power and utilities, health care and transport etc.  Franchise arrangements should be outlawed.


I tweet anonymously under a pseudonym @FatCatWatch and blog without any intention of making money at https://fatcatwatch.wordpress.com/ as a small protest against the cult of personality and the priesthood of celebrity that pervades our society.

Intellectual Property

I rip off most types of intellectual “property” and I welcome other people to take my intellectual stuff.  If it is not tangible you can take it.  I think musicians should get paid for live performances and authors for lectures.  I wonder what the world would look like if patents were only valid for maximum period of 1 year or until research and development costs can be recouped.


I believe that the words of Jesus take precedence over any other doctrine in the scriptures and note that Jesus is all about love and that he lived a simple life by example.  He is anti-greed, anti-ego and anti-war. I refer right wingers to http://www.sojo.net and http://www.redletterchristians.org/


I am an “Environmentalist” – I think caring for the environment is an outward expression of loving my neighbour – and yet I do not consider the human race a “parasite species”.  An environment that is not touched by humanity has an intrinsic value that should be preserved.


I think censorship of violence and sexuality is required and needs to be strengthened radically to protect minors.  We get a little but precious about “Free Speech” at times.