A Simple Equation = Solvable Problem

Posted on January 19, 2012






we really all know in our gut that there are some major problems coming the economy runs on oil nearly every single thing in our modern world has been organised around oil the entire built environment airports roads suburbs and trains have all been built with oil power in mind and under the assumption that oil will remain affordable forever the entire supply chain for even basic foodstuffs lives and dies on cheap oil in fact it is oil that has enabled the unprecedented population growth that is obvious all around us spend 30seconds looking at the world population ticker [here] are you staggered every half a second another person is added to this worlds overall population and every one of those people is born with some sort of drive to better themselves to live in greater prosperity than their parents have better things and go more places and generally use more stuff in an economy that relies on oil as a free source of energy something is going to give something is going to snap and it is not altogether unfeasible that that some thing will be the climate if positive feedback loops run away on the negative feedback loops of the carbon cycle think permafrost melting the gulf stream breaking down and desertification if we do not make some changes to our thinking about contentment and living with less and wanting less after all why should we spend so much of our life force working hard to simply buy things that if we were honest were to impress people that we do not even know sure some things that our markets have created are wonderful and helpful and have greatly improved the human quality of life but have we not now outgrown our childhood are we a pubescent teenager in the pangs of hormonal emotional pain or perhaps we have already reached a state of physical maturity in what we want from this world maybe we are there now and we should enjoy life more rather than pursuing growth and advancement for what purpose lets all just sit back and contemplate our existence and for just one minute be content lets rejoice in each others gifts and celebrate each others beauty and love each others weaknesses without pride and egotistical envy and showing off and let everyone for a minute be equal in our own eyes as we are in the eyes of our creator who has given us this place and each other to look after and not squander on fast living we have reached peak oil we have grown and now oil will plateau for maybe 10 years maybe more maybe less but in most of our lifetimes we will see a massive change in the amount of energy that humanity has been able to harness there is not time to stop the decline but there is time to refocus on the fact that we need to do whatever it takes move towards the steady state economy installing renewable energy is a partial solution localization of food production and self sufficiency is another partial solution but contentment is required or else we will almost certainly make this place unbearable for ourselves