On Objects and Branding

Posted on May 11, 2013


It has been a while since the last post, but here is a thought that needs to be recorded in the cloud by Kevin McCloud (the presenter of “Grand Designs”) on “Objects”

 When someone gives you or sells you an object they have made [personally], like a pot, or a chair, or a building, there is embodied in that object a huge amount of human energy.

You respect the energy that has gone into it by paying someone fairly for the work, and as a result you cherish that object far more than if you had simply bought it.

That object is like the conduit of the relationship you have with a person.

But when you buy a pair of jeans that were made in 11 different countries, which lots of them are, by 11 different factories employing people who are perhaps exploited and underpaid, well, then you don’t know the story of the object and consequently, the manufacturer, the brand and the company create a fictitious story around a pair of jeans.  A brand is a fantastic way to hide the original narrative of an object.

It makes me want to pontificate further on a number of worthwhile subjects:

  • Marketing trickery
  • Branding baloney
  • Fair Trade
  • Capitalism and the dehumanization / eradication of the artisan
  • Slave labor
  • Quality
  • Energy

a chairThis quote was discovered in “Smith Journal” which is a magazine I would recommend to any post adolescent male of any age…