Four of My Favorite Non Profits

Posted on June 25, 2013



ImageA stand in Navy to defend the Antarctic Whales – and a whole range of other creatures that live in the sea or upon the shore.  These people are falling off the edge of Non-Violent protest, and I think that’s why I love them, interventionist and confrontational is probably what it is going to take.   Had enough of a talk fest at the latest environmental conference? Then get behind Sea Shepard and get angry at the injustice.  They actually do stuff, very tangible.

Number 2 – I-MAK (Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge)

ImageTaking on Big Pharma and their ridiculous patent schemes around the world, I am loving the work of I-MAK (initiative for medicines, access & knowledge).  Poor people are dying because they can’t afford medicine that costs a fraction of a cent to make.  And that’s not right.

Finally, I have found a group doing something about our world’s broken patent system – the fact that one their spokespersons and founders is the very gorgeous (Priti Radhakrishnan) does not hurt either, here is good short summary vimeo video of their work.

Note: Big Pharma really depresses me, please check out my blog exposing the fact that Big Pharma spends more cash on Marketing than they do on Research [Big Pharma Snake Oil] and I would also recommend the work of Ben Goldacre – his book “Bad Science” is a fantastic read on what could be a rather dry subject and he talks really quickly and clearly here on Ted Talks too.

Number 3 – WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

ImageTaking on another of the most troubling aspects of human nature – cruelty to animals.   What’s a few extra bucks to know that your eggs are not made by animals that have been forced to be machines?   Why the heck is that chained up dancing Bear dancing rather than doing Bear stuff?… Sort it out people.

“You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals” ~Mahatma Gandhi.

Number 4 – Post Carbon Institute

It will be the poor that suffer dis-proportionally as the effects of Climate Change kick in – those on the margins with little buffer and contingency in their economies will be left out to dry.  I pretty much agree with everything put out by this group and also come from the “we are in for a very hard landing” school, when it comes to Peak Everything!  If you love your neighbor, you don’t go and poo in their yard do you.