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Drowning in Stuff

October 21, 2015


Great piece here on The Guardian about Buying Less Crap!  inspiration to keep things simple: The second you open your wallet to buy something, it costs you – and in more ways than you might think. Yes, of course there’s the price tag and the corresponding amount of time it took you to earn that amount […]

Four of My Favorite Non Profits

June 25, 2013


Number 1 – SEA SHEPHERD A stand in Navy to defend the Antarctic Whales – and a whole range of other creatures that live in the sea or upon the shore.  These people are falling off the edge of Non-Violent protest, and I think that’s why I love them, interventionist and confrontational is probably […]

The Answers

June 11, 2012


If you are sick of having the obvious shortcommings of “The System” identified and need some answers then this post is for you.  If the structure of the existing Capitalistic system does not change rapidly with a good deal of the reformist policies noted below then the only other option is violence towards the elite class, even now the guillotine is being sharpened, […]

The Steady State Economy – Peter Victor via @MotherJones

November 21, 2011


PETER VICTOR is an economist who has been asking a heretical question: Can the Earth support endless growth? Traditionally, economists have argued that the answer is “yes.” In the 1960s when Victor was earning his various degrees, a steady rise in gross domestic product (GDP)—the combined value of our paid work and the things we […]

The Steady State Economy – Poster from Eco Labs

November 21, 2011


Once a creature stops growing upwards, it commences to grow outwards eventually becoming morbidly obese – nothing can keep on growing for ever. Sure, the growth principal served us well for a few generations, but the time has now come for a more mature and intelligent measure to guide us forward.   This new principal is […]

A Barrel of Crude Oil is Worth $164,000 – The Human Labor Equivalent of a Barrel of Oil

April 30, 2011


I heard that in a single barrel of oil there is the energy equivalent of 23,000 human labor hours.  This amounts to 12 years (40 hours per week) if vacations are factored in, so… A single barrel of oil can do what it would take me 12 years to do working with my hands? If this is true, oil is essentially “free” energy at the […]

Keep Your Old Car [Part 4] The Planet Will Love You

April 24, 2011


Cont from Part 3… A rant about why buying a new car should be avoided as a matter of principal, my last point: 5 – It’s Great for the Environment A lot of energy goes into making a car – both during the assembly process and into obtaining raw materials from the earth.  Recently some clever people at […]