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Drowning in Stuff

October 21, 2015


Great piece here on The Guardian about Buying Less Crap!  inspiration to keep things simple: The second you open your wallet to buy something, it costs you – and in more ways than you might think. Yes, of course there’s the price tag and the corresponding amount of time it took you to earn that amount […]

The Flowering of Human Consciousness

August 1, 2015


Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning just after sunrise: The first flower ever to appear on the planet opens up to receive the rays of the sun. Prior to this momentous event that heralds an evolutionary transformation in the life of plants, the planet had already been covered in vegetation for millions of years. […]

The Definitive Simple Living Guide

May 17, 2012


If you’re interested in simplifying your life, this is a great guide (it’s all based on the 2 golden principals of simple living: Identify what’s most important to you by making a list of 4 or 5 priority things, Eliminate everything else), here it is: Evaluate your commitments. Look at everything you’ve got going on in your life. Everything, […]

Take Life Less Seriously

February 25, 2012


Here are a couple of great posts about how to lighten up….  and some inspiration to take a vacation to Carnival. 1) Life has a sense of humour – the world has an astounding way of playing with us. If you take things too seriously this can be very stressful, if you play along and laugh about it […]

Simple Living Wisdom – Smile and Do Nothing

February 14, 2012


Smile and do nothing, these two principals provoke simplicity at its best – contentment and serendipity or whatever other advanced words you want to use.   You have a lot to be happy about so smile, you smile and you feel happy its a non violent vicious cycle. And while just sitting and do nothing is wonderful, if your a task orientated sort […]

Your Time is Your Own – Now Face the Fact’s are Real

February 8, 2012


Sometimes you might feel frustrated at the system to which you are enslaved…..   Here are some relief clips from You Tube….. get angry….. better yet get out of debt and tell your boss where to shove it! It’s a system unopposed to those of us that won’t say no…. your time is your own now, face […]

A Simple Equation = Solvable Problem

January 19, 2012


PEAK OIL  POPULATION GROWTH CLIMATE CHANGE SOLVABLE PROBLEM we really all know in our gut that there are some major problems coming the economy runs on oil nearly every single thing in our modern world has been organised around oil the entire built environment airports roads suburbs and trains have all been built with oil […]