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On Objects and Branding

May 11, 2013


It has been a while since the last post, but here is a thought that needs to be recorded in the cloud by Kevin McCloud (the presenter of “Grand Designs”) on “Objects”  When someone gives you or sells you an object they have made [personally], like a pot, or a chair, or a building, there is […]

The Answers

June 11, 2012


If you are sick of having the obvious shortcommings of “The System” identified and need some answers then this post is for you.  If the structure of the existing Capitalistic system does not change rapidly with a good deal of the reformist policies noted below then the only other option is violence towards the elite class, even now the guillotine is being sharpened, […]

Your Time is Your Own – Now Face the Fact’s are Real

February 8, 2012


Sometimes you might feel frustrated at the system to which you are enslaved…..   Here are some relief clips from You Tube….. get angry….. better yet get out of debt and tell your boss where to shove it! It’s a system unopposed to those of us that won’t say no…. your time is your own now, face […]

The Steady State Economy – Poster from Eco Labs

November 21, 2011


Once a creature stops growing upwards, it commences to grow outwards eventually becoming morbidly obese – nothing can keep on growing for ever. Sure, the growth principal served us well for a few generations, but the time has now come for a more mature and intelligent measure to guide us forward.   This new principal is […]

Keep Your Old Car [Part 2] Auto Industry Social Manipulation

April 18, 2011


Cont from part 1…  (a discussion about why my owner should keep his old car and not purchase a new one): 4 – The Auto Industry Why encourage it?  A behemoth industry that has manipulated the political system since the mid 1940’s to promote their… dream of freedom on wheels and to earn for themselves obscene profits. . Case 4A – Trolley Car […]

Snake Oil – Big Pharma Marketing Budgets

April 7, 2011


Define: Snake Oil>>> Expression applied metaphorically to any product (usually medical) with exaggerated marketing but questionable and / or unverifiable quality of benefit. I have taken prescription medicine before so I am not against pills per se – I agree that some products trotted out by Big Pharma undoubtedly work.  But it is extremely naive to think that they all do… Some of the drugs produced by Big Pharma are simply […]