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The Six Headwinds to Growth in the USA

October 20, 2012


The world is going to look completely different in the coming years as our economic growth based model shifts down by a couple of gears.  Here is a wonderfully written piece from Robert J Gordon: “Is US economic growth over? Faltering innovation confronts the six headwinds“. Get ready for GDP of <1% as the United States (and the […]

A Simple Equation = Solvable Problem

January 19, 2012


PEAK OIL  POPULATION GROWTH CLIMATE CHANGE SOLVABLE PROBLEM we really all know in our gut that there are some major problems coming the economy runs on oil nearly every single thing in our modern world has been organised around oil the entire built environment airports roads suburbs and trains have all been built with oil […]

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalisim – Book Review

December 20, 2011


This really is a fantastic book, I highly recommend it.  Ha-Joon Chang teaches in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge so the guy knows what he is talking about and is from South East Asia – the part of the world that is without doubt the current and future PowerHouse of world economic growth. Love […]

Confronting Collapse – Book Review

November 29, 2011


Great book written in an alarmist, passionate and personal style appropriate for the fact that Free Energy we get from crude oil is unprecedented, irreplaceable – and nearly all gone. I have collected some of the points and quotes from this hard hitting book that struck me as I read it… After the politicians have […]

The Steady State Economy – M. King Hubbert

November 21, 2011


When King Hubert testified before Congress in 1974, the human population was approximately four billion, with an annual compounding growth rate of about two percent.  Today, the human population exceeds 7 Billion… Lets go back and look at some of the things Hubert told Congress 35 years ago – classic quote. “I was in New […]